IMAGINE DESIGN BUILD is a unique way to think a project through conception to completion (Efficiency and Sustainability) 

A. Design services and construction management (conception to completion) for both residential and commercial projects.

B. Owner consultation and/or owners representative (streamlining relationship between client-architect-general contractor)

         I.  Energy Rating and Auditing,  RESNET and HERS ratings (see Imagin3 Energy Solutions)
                a.  Projected ratings
                b.  Confirmed ratings and Existing home analysis/audits
C. Consultant and systems advisor for local general contractors.
           I.  Efficiency first design and construction concept

                 a.  Ratings/Audits with the "Systems Approach"
           II.  Alternative energy system: Education, design and build capabilities
D. Offering design build services for upgrading, remodeling and adding on to current properties in grand county. 
            I.  In conjuction with Energy Retrofits, remodels and weatherization (see Energy Solutions)


What is Design Build?

DESIGN: To Coordinate with Visionaries (you!) a functional, Achievable dream: A design with the building in mind.

BUILD: To create a well thought design, properly planned vision and bring it to life, with the highest quality and utmost INTEGRITY.

    Let's define "design build". Our definition is that you, the homeowner, entrust your building assignment to one organization to have complete accountability for designing and building your project. That organization has, under one "umbrella", the architect, engineers (civil, structural, etc.), landscape architect, construction personnel, etc. to bring your project to fruition.

    Arguably the most important aspect of design/build, is the time and cost savings. Most owners in the "traditional" design-bid-build scenario become simply a patron of the architect. The architect rarely has an eye on the owner's budget and designs what he (she) believes to be what the owner desires with little or no eye on costs. In design/build we are your advocate and one of our most important jobs is to control the budget you prescribe.

    Informed owners are instructing their designer/builder to take much more than a simply artistic interest in their project. Because design alone in the absence of good, well thought out cost controls, value engineering and scheduling, set up the owner for failure and costly overruns.

    The singular responsibility inherent in design/build serves as a primary motivator for superior quality and proper performance. With "traditional" design-bid-build, the owner is relying on the legal system and restrictive contract language to ensure project quality and timeliness.

    Finally, change orders due to "errors and omissions" (and architects do make mistakes) are virtually eliminated because the designer/builder has the responsibility for developing drawings and specifications as well as building a fully functional project.

   Our intention is to bridge this gap with our design build program. 

IMAGIN3 Design build has completed several design build projects very successfully with no surprises along the way....NO SURPRISES is our main goal in the design and building process. IMAGINE!